Art and Culture represent the zenith of mental and emotional evolution of mankind. They denote the aesthetic dimension of progress.Science and Art are complementary and they contribute mutually toenhance each other. Both have resemblance in exploration, curiosity and creativity.

Art adores life; painting, sculpture, music and dance weave the tapestry of joy and bliss in ordinary life. Art elevates us from mundane pursuits to sublime accomplishments. By adding enthusiasm and flavour, they alchemise our existence despite our travails and tribulations. They mirror our flaws and foibles in a subtle manner and transform us into new beings. They are harbingers of social reforms and radical ideas.

A separate department namely Directorate of Art and Culture was created in December 1991 by the Government by bringing the Fine Arts Institutions and cultural organisations under one umbrella. The functions of this Department can be classified into three categories namely the Administrations Officers, Fine Arts Educational Institutions and cultural organisations. The Directorate of Art and Culture is functioning at Chennai, the Regional Art and Cultural centres are functioning at 6 centres.

Further more four Government Music Colleges, Evening music college centres, Two Government College of Fine Arts, One Government College of Architecture and Sculpture, 17 District Music Schools are also functioning under the control of this Department. The cultural organisations like the Tamilnadu Eyal Isai Nataka Mandram, The Tamilnadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu and Jawhahar Siruvar Mandram are functioning at Chennai as its headquarters.

The Department of Art and Culture popularizes art forms. promotes artistic endeavours and patronizes artistes. It preserves the cultural ethos for posterity. The ancient art forms, folk arts and classical genre are disseminated to nooks and corners of the State by the unrelenting efforts of this Art and Culture Department.

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